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does it matter? re: being alone

Hey blogger friends!  I apologize for my inactivity on Thoughts & Pieces, due to a packed schedule.  However, I am back and ready to talk to you about my thoughts on the following questions: Is loneliness really an issue?  Is... Continue Reading →

2017 resolution guide

Eat healthier.  Exercise.  Get more sleep.  Do those New Years resolutions sound familiar to you?  Then it is time, my friends, to ditch these types of resolutions that are never kept and move on to make our year, well, snazzier.  We... Continue Reading →

when time spreads its wings

Time flies.  And so does life.  I have put together a post about time's flight for you to enjoy.  Here we go! It seems like when I was little, life moved at the perfect pace.  Those minutes spent playing with... Continue Reading →

loving yourself

I have found that when everyone around you seems to make you unhappy, finding happiness within yourself can turn your day around. Let's face it, there are always going to be people that you are jealous of, whether it has... Continue Reading →

panoply of things to be happy about

via Daily Prompt: Panoply panoply: n. a splendid and complete collection of things The holidays are nearing, and spirit is everywhere.  Especially now that Thanksgiving is over and no one has a reason to grumble about the red and green... Continue Reading →

fun post – thanksgiving

Since the Day of Getting Really Full 2016 was yesterday, I thought I would post a little compilation of my thoughts about Thanksgiving Day.  Scratch the compilation.  We are going full-on analysis today. Lettuce start out with the pilgrims…  Kidding. ... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Anticipation Anticipation.  The word Anticipation starts with an edgy feel on your tongue.  You think you have the hang of the word, when the -tion jumps out and says, "Gotcha!" Anticipation has literally already been defined for... Continue Reading →

why are we loving hate?

Note: The goal of this blog is not for politics.  However, I feel the need to cover some moral issues of recent events. If you have been out there protesting the recent election's turnout, and fighting for what you think... Continue Reading →

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