via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Anticipation.  The word Anticipation starts with an edgy feel on your tongue.  You think you have the hang of the word, when the -tion jumps out and says, “Gotcha!”

Anticipation has literally already been defined for you above.  You are moving through  daily life, awaiting an event or knowledge.  When the time comes, all too slowly of course, that -tion you have been waiting for pops out and says, “Gotcha!”

Anticipation reminds me of a jack-in-the-box.  You sit in front of it, knowing any second the freaky character will pop up, and when it does, it still gives you a hard attack.  Add in the “Gotcha!” sound effect and you’re set.  For scary doom.

Anticipation also brings the image of a winner being announced into my head.  Both sides are anticipating the result and just want to know if they won or lost already.  Which is exactly why on shows like AGT and DWTS, the announcers always wait a couple centuries before finally announcing who is staying on the show.

Anticipation also reminds me of Christmas morning.  Kids wonder what gifts Santa will bring, and are anticipating a brand new bike or video game set.  (Note: I waited until this point in my writing to finally look up the definition of anticipation.)  Anticipation seems to work with all ages who are ready to get in the holiday spirit, or Starbucks, who couldn’t wait until fall to release the PSL.  I’m pretty sure in a few years we will be enjoying our pumpkin spice coffee in July.

Anticipating the writing of another post, I shall wrap this short post up.  I think I will write some more one-word prompts in the future.

Have you been anticipating the paragraph that will not be started with “Anticipation?”  Did you totally miss this?


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