Since the Day of Getting Really Full 2016 was yesterday, I thought I would post a little compilation of my thoughts about Thanksgiving Day.  Scratch the compilation.  We are going full-on analysis today.

Lettuce start out with the pilgrims…  Kidding.  I want to keep you on this page so you can read the good stuff.

First, let’s talk about the craziness leading up to Thanksgiving Day.  It’s even crazier than the inside of my brain, with grocery shopping, cooking, preparing for guests, and of course attempting to go on a healthy diet before the big meal.  If you have had any success with the diet, let’s just say you are incredibly amazing.

On the day of holy eating and getting full, you either stay home or go out somewhere, depending on how lazy you are/how many relatives you have that are willing to host.  You might have a tradition you take part in during the day.  Personally, I love spending the day watching the Macy’s parade, hanging out with family and friends, and hanging around the kitchen happily taking in delicious aromas.

In the evening, you put on your most loose-fitting clothing and sit down, with your always unsuccessful Thanksgiving Resolution of Only Eating A Little of This and That in mind.  You are also determined to keep politics away from the table, as well as what so-and-so’s husband’s friend’s daughter’s uncle said to so-and-so’s dad.  Because it isn’t important.  And you absolutely aren’t considering bringing it up.

It’s time to eat!  Everybody digs in.  Personally, I love all Thanksgiving foods, from mouthwatering turkey to sweet cranberry sauce to delicious pumpkin pie.  Food is what makes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.  I also can add food like this to my thankful list.

Now, for seconds!  And thirds!  And (maybe) fourths!  And dessert!  Everyone is in food comas and happy.  I am a true believer in the fact that good food makes good conversations.

When the feast concludes and people start to leave, we only face one tough question:

Who gets the leftovers?

thoughts & pieces ♥