via Daily Prompt: Panoply

panoply: n. a splendid and complete collection of things

The holidays are nearing, and spirit is everywhere.  Especially now that Thanksgiving is over and no one has a reason to grumble about the red and green displays everywhere.

As I write this post, I feel giddy and like a young child inside.  The holidays can do that to you.  I decided to put on my fuzzy holiday socks and tackle the task of:  Finding a panoply of non-holiday-related things to be happy about.

  • it’s the weekend
  • America still exists
  • chocolate also exists in this world, god bless
  • that friend that has never left you through thick and thin
  • you get to be the person you are
  • you are free
  • you are loved
  • all the good people in this world
  • food & shelter
  • your blog that has changed you in some way

I have just given you a small panoply of things to smile and be happy about, even on dark, dull days.

Please comment anything that you would like to be added to this list.

thoughts & pieces ♥