I have found that when everyone around you seems to make you unhappy, finding happiness within yourself can turn your day around.

Let’s face it, there are always going to be people that you are jealous of, whether it has to do with their appearance, status, or something else.  As a teenager I run into that block quite often.  However, if you can stop saying you are not [insert] enough, and start saying you are [insert better quality] then you will start to feel better about yourself.  I have tried this many times, and trust me, it works.

When you walk around and tell people that you are oh SO bad at x, and are not y, even though the statements might be true, then it doesn’t make you modest.  It makes you believe what you are saying more.  I’m not telling you to brag about your good qualities to everyone you know.  I think you know that, too.  You can keep those positive thoughts inside you as you refrain from speaking the negative ones out loud.

Loving yourself doesn’t make you vain, stuck-up, or full of yourself.  It makes you feel good inside, and that feeling can boost your attitude towards others.  Loving your body encourages you to take better care of it.

To be in a state of self-love is a winning situation for everyone.

thoughts & pieces ♥