Time flies.  And so does life.  I have put together a post about time’s flight for you to enjoy.  Here we go!

It seems like when I was little, life moved at the perfect pace.  Those minutes spent playing with dolls or drawing felt equivalent to the hours that pass by in my life as a 14-year-old.  14 does not seem that old.  After all, it is just shy of 13.  However, with the pressure of college and my future, life seems to fly by.  At six this morning, I was at freshman orientation, awaiting four crazy, eventful years ahead of me.  Now, two hours later, I’m halfway through freshman year and already freaking out about how little time there is until I stop living at home.  I just grew out of kids’ sizes.  I’m not ready to buy granny clothes yet.

To give you an idea of how life flies in my opinion:

  • Sweetie enters the world
  • Sweetie says her first word
  • Sweetie takes her first steps
  • Sweetie turns four
  • Sweetie enters kindergarten
  • Sweetie enters 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade
  • Sweetie graduates elementary school
  • “Sweet” spends a few seconds in middle school
  • Sweet does college applications and graduates high school
  • Sweet is in college with a boyfriend and gets degrees, then is done with college, finds work, gets married, has kids, turns 50

You get the idea.

Or directly through my eyes:  (inhales)

Five-year-old me can’t wait to be a grown-up.  Then, “Welcome to high school!”  Oh, most of my teachers are good.  Okay, what’s next?  Thanksgiving and finals and break and January and AAH new schedule… okay fine whatever WAIT it’s June?  Shoot three years left… WAIT WHY DO I NEED TO THINK ABOUT COLLEGE… no no honey I haven’t taken my career elective yet… Ooh dances… WAIT how did I get my license, wait cool I can drive?  “To college, duh,” WAIT I’m a freaking junior?  You could have told me… rallies, Halloween, Christmas, college tours?  WHY?!  It’s my last holiday season at home, what WAIT… okay caps and gowns all accounted for… BYE… WAIT I’M AN ADULT?


Okay, you probably think I need to go visit a mental health facility at this point.  But seriously, that was a taste of… Life.  You can take a breath when I promise you that I am appreciating each day as a new chance that should never be wasted.  My realizations on how fast time flies have helped me realize why it is never a good idea to sit around and do nothing on days I know I will later wish I did something with.

We can’t control the speed by which time soars, its wings flapping.  But we can control what we do with those precious years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Go on an adventure.  Play with your kids, if you have them.  Call an old friend.  Bake cookies for yourself.  Just live.

thoughts and pieces ♥