Eat healthier.  Exercise.  Get more sleep.  Do those New Years resolutions sound familiar to you?  Then it is time, my friends, to ditch these types of resolutions that are never kept and move on to make our year, well, snazzier.  We can also rephrase resolutions like the above to make them easier to stick to.  How?  I’ll be your guide through this post.

First of all, it is always important to set a “fun resolution” in addition to your self-improvement ones, if you have any.  Fun resolutions are easier to keep and make your year much more exciting.  Here are some examples of fun resolutions:

  • do something new every day
  • make a must-try restaurant list and hit all of them in 2017!
  • give someone a compliment every day (try to mix up recipient)
  • smile at everyone you pass by on the street
  • take a day trip once a month to a place you haven’t yet explored

I am using the book Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You as my fun resolution for 2017.  I strongly recommend it for those of you who love a little daily creativity.

Now that you have some ideas for your fun resolution (let me know in the comments if you set one!) we can return to creative ways to rephrase resolutions that are broad and hard to stick to.

When you set a resolution worded like I’m going to be healthier or I’m going to get more sleep, then your chances of following that resolution are literally as slim as the person you hope to be after exercising all year.  These are great goals to set and follow, don’t get me wrong.  It’s the wording of the resolution that needs a makeover.  My advice to you in this area is to try to be specific, so your brain knows exactly what to do to in order to follow the resolution.  If you want to go to bed an hour early every night, then write it down so you can’t get away with going to bed one minute earlier and still meet the resolution.

And for Don’t be so negative, COME ON.  The correct way to say this is BE MORE POSITIVE.  Fight me.

Lastly, creativity always helps you follow a resolution.  If you are stuck on finding creative ways to force yourself to follow common resolutions, then these ideas may help you:

  • wake up earlier          set my alarm one minute earlier every day for the month
  • eat healthier               eat meals with foods from each category and cut treats in half
  • get in shape                do a squat every time I walk through a doorway = habit
  • get off my phone       change wallpaper to “go out and live” image

In summary, remember to come up with a fun resolution and state your not-so-fun ones in the best possible way.

New Years resolutions are not required.  They are set by people like you who wish to make themselves better.  How cool is that?  I would like to hear your unique resolutions in the comments section of this post, so don’t be shy!

Cheers to 2017!

thoughts and pieces ♥